May 15, 2009

I wouldn't let you give up.

It was nearing midnight. There was a novel in my hand which was slipping through my brain without leaving the slightest trace of meaning behind. No, It doesn't mean that i don't have brains to understand the tough language of a novel :).

The problem was something else. I was worried. I stood up and decided to go out. Now I was walking through the patches of light & deep darkness created by the streetlights, Thinking 'Why am I so worried? What's taking my mind off everything?'

Then suddenly, my heart responded. He explained me that how 'he' (The Heart) starts working when mind becomes speechless.Then he reminded me about this -

Whenever a drop of tear tries to roll down my cheeks, A hand with feathery touch (Invisible, though that makes no difference) comes and wipes it off.

Whenever my lips fear stretching themselves a voice, Very familier tends to become the reason for my smile. :) And ..

Whenever I'm sad, someone encourages me to overcome my sadness.

And today 'He' -The Someone- is sad ... No more explanation needed. My heart made me realize that why I was sad and worried.

But what do I do? When my 'healer' himself loses all his hopes and gives up? And feels depressed to the core?

Answer- What I do, Is a desire. A secret desire to heal my healer's wounds. I promise (Not to him, But to myself) to put in all my strength and everything else that it takes for you my friend to smile :)

And believe me, Whenever all your connections and sources stop responding to your 'Help calls' I'd be standing there to pull you out of darkness. You wouldn't even need to seek cos I'd be there, awaiting, with my hand raised towards you. Not to point, But to lend it for help.

May 05, 2009

My life isn't easy, From the day you went.

(This poem is very close to my heart.I wrote it as it came out of my mind.So, Please don't mind the Ryhme scheme.I didn't want to change my sentences so wrote them as they were.)

Life isn’t easy, from the day you went.

Now I live alone in our home.                                                                   

No flowers on the door, No calls on the phone.

On a broken bridge, I stand alone

No long drive, No late nights.

Without you I’m a soul, whose life has dried.

I wish to come there too.

I wish I were with you.

Last night I cried, broke the promise

I made to you.

No jaan, I’m not weak, I don’t usually faint.

It’s just that

my life isn’t easy, from the day you went.

You asked me not to, but I still visit your grave

There isn’t anything I listen to, just the music you gave.

And I don’t eat chocolates; No one buys them for me.

No, I don’t have mates. They too went after you left me.

I still talk to you. But you never answer me.

And this reminds me of the game on phone

You played always to scare me.

I don’t keep our home tidy anymore

‘Cos no one admires it,& I feel so left alone.

I don’t wear the dresses I used to love the most

And when fake-sters show sympathy

I tell them to get lost

I spend my days with your memories

And I cry whole night cursing our destiny

Only one way out I see of this hell

I will come to you, and then together we’d dwell.

Would go to the forgotten world

Exactly, the one we use to dream about.

No, Don't speak! Don’t ask me to stay.

You don’t understand.

My life isn’t easy from the day you went

From the day you went …


Somewhere Midway

A spring that was lost in autumn,
A cloud that lost its silver lining.
A sun that lost its warmth and glow,
A star that’s no more shining.

A valley once serene, now lost
beneath layers of rock and sand.
A harp given up by an angel,
Being played in the devil’s hands.

There is still the monsoon there always was.
Now Intimidating to her. Fear, when with him, was unknown.
There are still all the seasons there always were,
They all seem like winter - an everlasting coldness - now that she’s alone.

A rainbow of seven colors,
Painted a dark shade of Grey.
A little girl who set out
with one she trusted.
He loved her, he’d always say.

And he let go of her hand
Somewhere midway.

The Knight

On My bed, near the window I lay,

Watching my dreams lightly carried away.

Delicate, glittering mirror strings

Were making moonlight dance.

Scene bought a curve on my lips

And I lifted my arms.

Pulled off my sheets, wrapped a stole


Walked to the window

Night was as dark as coal

I opened my fist and curled my fingers around the curtain


I slightly moved it, I was a bit scared and it was certain.

But I didn’t see anything

Instead of dark it was bright

There was a big tree and

Under it shadow of a knight.

Then I figured out a glowing string

Connecting his heart to mine

Neither the moon nor the stars

This was the source of dancing light.

He came up holding the string;

In my room through the window

My lips pursed,

Thinking what do I do?

He said: ‘I was the one who carried your dreams; I wanted to make them come true’

And then he whispered in my ears: ‘Baby I wanted to show, how much I love you’

My eyes wide open shocked and surprised.

Felt something so warm!

Ah! It’s tough to describe.

He lifted me in his arms and turned me around

Said: ‘sweetheart for you there ain’t no bounds’

‘No bounds? Oh! Sure,’ I said.

‘But there are bonds of love

Bonds so strong,

Which unknowingly are grown?’

We both smiled, I closed my eyes.

Knight turned romantic, such a master of disguise

He hold me tight, wrapped me in his arms

So close that our heart beats mixed

We made millions of unspoken promises

And with all our love, we kissed.

On my bed near the window WE lay

Watching OUR dreams coming true which were carried away?



A word with stars.

These Stars speak to me.

When it’s dark down here,

They fill colors in my destiny.

With void feelings, I stare at them.

But they don’t look back blankly.

They convey everything that I need to see,

And for that,

they whisper to me frankly

These stars speak to me

When it’s dark down here

They fill colors in my destiny.

Best Friends Forever.

We laughed at each other &

We cried together

At times we fought too

But that doesn’t matter.

‘Cos I remember that day you said to me

That you really care and we are meant to be

Friends forever

No matter, Whatsoever

Tries to defeat us

Comes in between us

We are Friends forever,

Forever and ever

Through passing infatuations

We faced miscommunications

Then discussions over silly things

Passed smiley indications

‘Cos I remember that day you said to me

That you really care and we are meant to be

Friends forever

No matter, whatsoever

Tries to defeat us

Comes in between us

We are Friends forever

Forever and ever

You wipe all my tears

Help me fight back my fears

& when I get back to normal

You make me feel you’re near

‘Cos I remember that day you said to me

That you really care and we are meant to be

Friends forever

No matter, whatsoever

Tries to defeat us

Comes in between us

We are Friends forever


Best Friends forever.