March 10, 2010

Something Remains.

something remains
I think all has been done
Pain and memories rotten…

And self-pity gives way to anger

A loss of comfort, at the sight of your smile
Close to my thoughts, though between us there are miles

I didn’t allow pain to destroy me
Neither I want my fury to do so

I still wonder why
If all has been done, forgotten…
Something Remains?


There’s a girl,
A big - little girl.
Lost in her own world.
But now looks at the harsh realities of the world.

She thought the world was a beautiful place,
A place with no disgrace and only solace.
But only when she found out the furnance,
Her opinions changed.

Life is not easy,
She learnt it the hard way.
Though she is tired, very very tired,
She won’t give up come what may.

Fighting for survival,
Has made her strong.
She discovered her ‘warrior within’
And since then has just kept going on.

She tries to accept what comes her way,
With a smile, and a little dismay.
People say, her smile is her tool – weapon,
She wonders if this is her gift from heaven

By god’s grace she has everything.
She is thankful for that and does not demand anything.
Just prays silently for her dreams to come true.
Life has ended and begun for her so many times anew.

She just realizes how lucky she is.
Thanks someone up there and reminisces.
Wipes her tears way and puts them back in her heart.
She just wishes to thank all those who held her close to their hearts.