March 22, 2011

That not-thinking mode and simple things around.

She was sitting with her legs drawn to her chest underneath the pale blue dusking sky. There were hurricanes of thoughts revolving in her head. Concentration had become God like, Unattainable. Her eyes were sandwiched between her head and knees and when the darkness grew intolerable, she opened her eyes. 
Her eyes couldn't yet focus but she could see the dodgy lining of the mountains in front of her and beyond that, was the setting sun. Why was she so sure that the sun was there? Because she has been told all her life - Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. She never wondered whether it was true or not. She doesn't even want to, for now. Up higher, was a fine white line formed by a Jet plane. 
With a smile she stretched her arms and legs; laid her back at the soft green grass and the view from here was made up of a wide blanket painted with dusky blue till the point her eyes could see, with white fluffs sprinkled on it here and there. 
By now, she had forgotten every single thought her brain was producing a moment back. She took a long breath and started staring at the sky.
The sky changed its colour, an even darker shade of blue, it was wearing before had now settled down, above.
Then suddenly, out of nowhere a tiny shiny star appeared. Her lips widened up. Eyes started scanning the whole sky. One by one she witnessed eight glowing stars in the sky which was almost blank some minutes back.
And her hurricane-ofied head? It felt like there is a big empty stable room inside, unoccupied. 
She involuntarily uttered one small word - 
and closed her eyes again, with a childlike smile on her face.

Her Mp3 player shuffled the next song - Crying Song by Pink Floyd, realization dawned and temporarily her problems didn't exist anymore.

Some moments are so simple yet beautiful & soothing, that they take over all the miseries and sorrows in our lives till the time they live. <InsertAVeryHappyFaceHere>

Although these moments are short-lived, Collect some. 

March 08, 2011

What can be more awesomer?

Hallowed be thy name!