December 03, 2009

Attraction? :)

Attraction is a funny thing. This naughty lil trouble takes over our mind like alcohol and stimulates the lust in us. Attraction makes us do everything that we’d regret later. In spite of knowing it, we happily let attraction take over our mind. Why?

May be, to achieve worthwhile moments which were mere fantasies ones? The period of attraction is magical. Your mind keeps on diving in the thoughts of that thing/person you are attracted to. You don’t show that you want it/him/her badly. You don’t even know whether you want them or not. All you know is that you like being with them. You like everything when they are around. You might not talk to them, but you’d keep a track of each and every step they take.

When you are done with it, you start regretting. Sometimes, you even think that it was stupid of yourself to fall for something/somebody of that sort. But memories jump in to play their tricky part. They toss your head in and out and make you relive that sweet time.

Attraction does not only leave regression, it also leaves broken bonds behind. Sweet, delicate, beautiful and broken bonds which you knew from the start were meant to be broken.
When you are attracted to somebody/something, somewhere deep in your heart you know the fact that it is not what you actually want. But you still fall for it/him.

It’s a short magical period which gives you nothing but still you want it at any cost. It’s like a stillborn baby. Which is dead at birth?

Attraction to me is a disease which I never let people know has caught me. ^_^ whatever it is, it’s lovely. I know it would not help me ahead in my life at all.
May be at some point of my life, someday, I chuckle at my stupidity and get the flash back of these wonderful moments. And believe me, that smile would be one of the sweetest smiles I wear.

Right now, I’m lovin’ it. Are you?