June 12, 2011

Crow, rat, rains and confusion.

What's wrong with me? I start working on something, all excited and pumped up, and as I go towards the end I fuck it. I guess it's my confusion that shows in my work.
Sooopar confused person I be.

Btw, I'm really happy cuz I don't have a phone. I'm mean I do but I don't use it since I'm roaming. So no texting-calling headache. Hate is a heavy word but I have lost my interest in mobile phones and everything related to them, you see.

I was with Riddhi and Pranav the other day, we were walking and I don't remember when exactly but look what I saw!
Click on the image for a larger version

This dumb crow ate the rat, Poora! And after a while walking near Pranav's house I *almost* stepped on another dead rat. So I'm wondering, since then. What they showed in Dhobhi Ghat really happens? Do they really hire men to kill rats at night?

I just fineeeshed my cereal. I like it when it's fully soaked in milk and becomes gummy-chewy. My sis says she would puke cats and dogs if she eats it. Maybe, idk. I have had those omg-wtf-eww-yuck comments and expressions before and thus I always know they are coming. I don't care.

I've always wanted to see what Mumbai is like during rains. Cuz I have only seen it in either winters/summers. Now when I'm here, I want to go home. I keep chasing things. I get one, and start chasing another. I collect what I wish but I don't seem to cherish it. I just chase.

I keep chasing. Will that lead me anywhere? Is there an end to it?

June 09, 2011

Death of M.F. Hussain

‘Atulya Bharat’ is what we call it in our campaign. India sure is incredible. A land where problems like corruption, female foeticide, child abuse, rape, illiteracy and unemployment can wait but issues like offensive lyrics in Bollywood songs cannot. Members of hard-line organizations and political parties have always been sensationalizing such petty issues for fulfilling their never-ending thirst of popularity and support. These groups instil stereotypical ideas in the brains of their following communities.  This morning, while cursing the boredom and sipping my lukewarm coffee I happened to read the news which stated ‘Indian Picasso died in London’. It came as a shocker to me. What harm had M.F. Hussain done to us? A reputed artist who had been awarded with Padma Bhushan, Padma Shree, Padma Vibhushan and nominated for Rajyasabha by The Government of India was living in exile for long five years, why?
M.F. Hussain was charged for hurting the sentiments of people by painting Hindu Goddesses naked and in allegedly sexual manner. On the other hand, the city of Khajuraho has been identified as a heritage city by the Indian Government. It is an ancient city which contains erotic art sculptures on the outside walls of the temples. In fact, portrayal of Hindu deities has always been artistic in an erotic way. Art knows no boundaries. If the art of Khajuraho can be honoured why can’t be Hussain’s? Paintings like Mother India and Rape of Mother India are the paintings which depict the truth. By doing what they did, they have escaped the reality. It is hypocritical to place curbs on an artist’s freedom. All this in 20th century, what a country! Death of M.F. Hussain in exile, away from home, is a disgrace for our nation. Rip, Hussain. 

Controversial Paintings by M.F. Hussain -
'Durga' By M.F. Hussain

'Saraswati' By M.F. Hussain

'Mother India' By M.F. Hussain

'Rape of Mother India' by M.F. Hussain