September 19, 2011


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You feel this sudden urge of meeting your family, and there is nothing on earth, venus, mars, Jupiter that can help you fight this feeling. That. 


Saturday evening, I go nuts. My brainnoodles dried and tangled with no soup left in them starts stinking.
That's exactly when I realize I need to refuel from home station. So what I do is, RUN.
It takes a *verylucky* mode of Pavi to get a bus without any trass. I veryhappily board the bus. 
But our DearGod never wants Pavi to experience anything boring in her life. Every moment is supposed to be full of #fail cuz only then, she will realize that how important it is to say bye bye to her dragon ass and mix a li'l adventure in her boringassboring life. 

So he did.

A 9 (11 at max!) hour journey was completed in 2_|_8 hours! To my family, my surprise hit as a shock. I made an already mad mom, madder. Do you understand the seriousness of it?
But, well. I admit it was (only a little) stupid of me to just come home without any prior bookings and all that. Anything could have happened cuz people in the bus were shadylike. The point is, I made it home. x)
And since I'm a very goodchild I bought my Mommy a present ^_^ which happens to be a Bournville. C'mon, a chocolate was all I could afford with the amount of chillar I had. Don't judge me. My Mom didn't =]

On a serious note, it feels great, you know
When you want to do something and that's the only thing you want at that time
You know it, not even deep down, you know it then only, how stupid it is!
But not matter what ... how crazy it seems, you do it. Leaving no room for regression. 
And that feeling ... 
*this* feeling 
is priceless :)

We all have hugeass problems in our lives, but these tiny little easily-achievable moments can provide us respite from our bitchylife very effectively.
Only because I came home the way I did, I'm not happy, but I feel great. Awesome.

Btw, I just realized how lame was the title of my last post -_-

September 15, 2011

Keep it Dimple, with an 'S' xD

Only MY world iz on resume today, okkeh? The other worlds (Read: Your worlds) are on pause mode, yes. Have you seen those movies in which the lead only moves and people around them are freezed?
(Or frozen? Whateverrr. I like 'Freezed' betta!)
Yea so, That. x)

< Dramamode >

“Tell me one last thing,” said Pavi. “Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?”

*Drumrolls, Deco change, exit - sweeping ghosts*


“Of course it is happening inside your head, Pavi, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” 

< /Dramamode >


(Oh btw, that laugh reminds me... Y'day I read this girls awesome status on facebook which says -

 'Hick Hick! dnt wnt to go hostel again!! :( '

 Wtf is Hick Hick? o.O lol)

My Dad used to always ask me to concentrate, but I was a kidmadwomun back then, tch!
Ok ok no deviation. 
The point is, imma analyze you now. More like 
'Bitch wtf are you upto let me just scan you inside out'. 
And the reason being - Confusion - Yusss. 

All of you are awesome (Read - AWESOME!) at confusing me to the core of Teh Core. 
The way you react, is NOT normal x|

I dunno what izzit that you want
I dunno what!

So imma study, imma find out, yo nigga! Yoyoyoyoyoyyoyo *cool shades on* lol. jk.

All I'm trying to imply here is, I. LOUUU. SIMPLICITY. Gimmethat!

When I say 'Haaai!', you HiBack.
When I say 'Sup!', you TellMeSup!.
When I ask sth, you TellMeEverythingInASimpleUnderstandableLanguage
When I offer help, you JustAgree, save me the modesty.
When I don't talk, you ForFuck'sSakeDONOTTALK!
When I buy you a drink, you BuyMeTwoDrinks! jk =P 



September 11, 2011

What's past this - I

All the importance that memories hold is due to the illusion they create. Memories keep providing us with the proofs of our existence... that the 'I' in us was there when we had experienced the moments of both indifference and curiosity. Our life is like a treacherous bridge. Our memories let us look back and we remember every cavity we'd fallen into, as well as the times when we owned the run of this bridge.

This was the third time she had seen the same dream over again - The mild scent of the wet soil, tiny raindrops on the green grass of the football ground, surrounded with hills and forest and... his face. It is impossible for her to sleep now. everything revolved around her, with no intentions of losing their pace, like the planets. Her throat clenched, her eyes puffy with dark spheres around them and her mind entangled in the roots and branches of practicality and dreams. She thought about those two hours, again.

'Hey, um... when were you leaving you said?'
'Yea... Hi, around 7.'
'Oh, Okay. All packed?'
'I want to meet you, before leaving'
'Sure, text me when you are out'

Rains, he'd said once, are always a bad omen, for him. She didn't totally understand what he meant when he said - 'That day too, it was raining', and never even asked him. But she didn't know that what he said was genuinely true, she didn't know that even today, it was going to rain.
She had slowly grown accustomed to this tentative but not-so-pleasant fact that her rest of the life, here, is going to be like this. Without him, without noone. 
All these days of resistance, she thought, had done no good to her. And today, the last day, she just cannot not show him what she actually felt. She reached the field before him and decided to text him only after convincing herself to not cry or react in any way that seems stupid. She texted him 
'Hey I'm in the field. Waiting.'
- 'Already? I'm coming.'

She saw him coming from a distance. He must have felt her gaze at him, with a half-bewildered, half-graceful smile on her lips. She was like a baby, who would - in her determination of exploring the world - reach out, cherish the strange things around for a while, and then start getting scared with the fear of getting stepped on, and would flinch and crawl back to him bruised and confused. 
After their break up, she hardly noticed, hardly cared about anything around her. She had passed these days in a distant corner of her mind. In a state beyond dream and disillusionment. There, the future did not matter and past held only this wisdom : That love was a damaging mistake and its accomplice, hope, a treacherous illusion
But somehow that day everything changed. All those assumptions, understandings and conclusions were the nothing but results of all the hasty decisions she'd made.
'Let's go to the cafe, did you eat anything?'
'Nope, let's go, I will eat you otherwise!'
Out of all the other things they both shared, this was one thing she adored him the most for. He made everything so easy. She could tell him whatever she felt like - deepest, darkest, ugliest, grossest, weirdest things on earth, without any hesitation.