August 25, 2009

And now I'm broken.

You can't let those people go, On whom you are totally dependent.
You can't let those people go, On whom you are totally dependent.

That day when I was sad, you made me smile.

You wiped all my tears, and helped me win the fight.

We have shared the moments I’d never forget …

You helped me gather back, when I broke down

I lost my hope and then to it, I found

It’s glad to find your arms wide open when I turn back …

You have put in all your best

So that I can fly out of my nest

You support me every time I fumble

And whenever nights are cold and dark

No one comes to light the spark

You would hold my hand and wouldn’t let me stumble.

But now I’m broken

I never knew things would turn this way out

Everything suddenly would disappear

But now I’m broken

Broken especially coz you are not around

Everything’s not always what it appears.

And now I’m broken…

I’m broken, into pieces.

I’m broken, and it teases.

I’m broken.

Just broken.


Palash. said...

Oh, it's a hard road!
Nicely written

CC said...

Its got nothing to do with your post, but can I just say what a pleasure it is to see that people like you actually exist?
I am a ardent worshipper of all things disney and really, have you seen a better movie than Beauty and the Beast?
I am 16 and I actually shrieked when I found out that the Tinker bell movie was out. Yeah, thats just me.
And I think it was a damn good movie too.


AA said...

Hey...Distance doesn't measure love. :)

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