September 09, 2009

Resting in peace.

Everyone has to die. And everyone knows that. My question is if death is the ultimate truth then why don’t we accept it happily? Here is Pavi. She chose the matter of her death and the way too.

It was too late to call it night, but you can’t call it morning as it’s too early for dawn too. Night’s brush dipped itself in the dark blue with the blackish tinge in it and painted the canvas of sky with millions of diamonds studded in it. She woke up. Went to everyone’s room and kissed their cheeks without them knowing. Sent SMS to all her friends. She wore her best dress, a light blue strapless gown with dark blue dust sprinkled on it. She let down her long curls and wore dark blue pearls in her neck. Without her shoes she stepped out. And went on, till she reached the bridge. Climbed up and looked around. And then slowly she let her legs slip into the enormous blue. First her toe, Knee and then the whole body touched the chilly water. She thought its going to be fun but it pricked her as thrones. For once she regretted and tried coming back up. But by now she was down enough to not get back and her chest, nose and eyes were burning as if was set on fire. After fighting with water and clutching it with failure she suddenly caught a glance of a starfish. Starfish smiled at her signifying her welcome. She smiled back. The water became strangely comfortable now. As she was drowning, her gown floated as if they were wings and her hair had spread upwards to form a micelle. They were looking like a tiara on her head. And she was looking like the water princess. ‘The blue water princess.’ She was still going down, deep in water. Then she saw goldfishes all around her. They looked happy and she felt cozy in between them. Their world was amazingly beautiful. She always wanted to fly but she never knew floating is much easier and adventurous. And now she was surrounded with stingrays. They were waving their tails. She waved back to bid them final good bye. Now everything was calm. Calm and quiet. First rays of sun entered and showered golden glitters on her. For once she looked up and smiled. She thought how beautiful this world is. She thanked everybody. Missed her family and friends. Kissed the necklace her love gave and started feeling sleepy. She had panicked enough. No energy left even to move her eyeballs now. Half sleepy, every time she blinked, that blackness bought the flash back of all her memories. Whether good, bad or related to nothing at all. And now she was a few inches away to the seabed where millions of lives must have turned into fossils and she was in the row. First her toe, knee and then the whole body touched the soft surface to lay down low among the tickling weeds. Her face was up and what all she could see was water. She thought -‘Ah! So long it took to complete this journey’. And then with bubbles around she started falling asleep. She thought ‘no need to panic no need to do anything, sleeping is good … silence is good’ It felt like she was on her mother’s lap. It was so calm, so quiet and peaceful everywhere. Felt like heaven. The ‘blue princess’ went to see the longest dream ever. RIP. Pavi…

Wasn’t that journey beautiful? The way she died was not painful or sad. Rather she made it wonderful. :) How do you wish to die?

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Aadi said...

This is awesome :D

Salil Sharma said...

superb pallavi :O

u arent that stupid >:D<

Shirley said...

lol.. RIP Pavi ? :P
face the reality xD . you're still alive!

it's reallllyyyyyyy nicee!.
but she commits suicide! =(
Natural death .. is better . i guess.

I Love the way you described death.. you gave it a new perspective, and i think that's absolutely fantastic :D
Usually, people always look at death as being something terrifying and terrible and Idk .. all the bad and sad things.
but... idk why ?

anyways. :D
I Loved what you wrote ! =]
and.... yeah.
Idk what else to write ! :P
it's good ! =] very very good.

Shirley said...

Omg.. i didn't know it would turn out to be this long..
my comment i mean.
anyways. :D
wow.. my first blog comment ever..
well. this is my second one.

AA said...


But, it makes me wonder what exactly was on your mind while you wrote this.

What exactly?

Krishna said...

hi i must say its a good way of writing some how i feel it is influenced by European style.. But i must say it has a great work of vocab u have used keep writing ...
but at last what is actual thinking of ur's behind writing this .... if u have time reply and make it clear....


Prajot Gawshinde said...

Well, U Might B knOWING ..death is nothinG BUT a break from one life and preparation for the new one.but i would like to see you writing about LIFE rather than on doesn't mean that one is afraid of death...but in fact it means how meaningful u take ur life at ur disposal.
I appreciate your 'TONE' of writing...kEEP IT UP...:)

Anonymous said...

here we come to ur favorite. writing part- loved it again, details were sharp and clear. Just couldn't relate......... you know........
sorry to write all these obscene comments.........i am not me actually .......... somehow found your blog.... kill me if you like.

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