June 12, 2011

Crow, rat, rains and confusion.

What's wrong with me? I start working on something, all excited and pumped up, and as I go towards the end I fuck it. I guess it's my confusion that shows in my work.
Sooopar confused person I be.

Btw, I'm really happy cuz I don't have a phone. I'm mean I do but I don't use it since I'm roaming. So no texting-calling headache. Hate is a heavy word but I have lost my interest in mobile phones and everything related to them, you see.

I was with Riddhi and Pranav the other day, we were walking and I don't remember when exactly but look what I saw!
Click on the image for a larger version

This dumb crow ate the rat, Poora! And after a while walking near Pranav's house I *almost* stepped on another dead rat. So I'm wondering, since then. What they showed in Dhobhi Ghat really happens? Do they really hire men to kill rats at night?

I just fineeeshed my cereal. I like it when it's fully soaked in milk and becomes gummy-chewy. My sis says she would puke cats and dogs if she eats it. Maybe, idk. I have had those omg-wtf-eww-yuck comments and expressions before and thus I always know they are coming. I don't care.

I've always wanted to see what Mumbai is like during rains. Cuz I have only seen it in either winters/summers. Now when I'm here, I want to go home. I keep chasing things. I get one, and start chasing another. I collect what I wish but I don't seem to cherish it. I just chase.

I keep chasing. Will that lead me anywhere? Is there an end to it?


Riddhi said...

You're like those foreigners who click pictures of poor and hungry India, and then we shower em with cuss. Just because you didn't click the prettier bits of Mumbai during monsoon, doesn't have to mean rats are dropping dead everywhere when it rains in this city. :|

Riddhi said...

Also dude. When it rains, stay at home. Look outta the window and say Oh So Pritty. That's how we roll mayne.

Pallavi said...

We click what we click. I'd have clicked a crow eating a dead rat even if I was in Delhi. It was a rare scene, how could I have not clicked it?
And no, I'm not staying home. =]

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