September 15, 2011

Keep it Dimple, with an 'S' xD

Only MY world iz on resume today, okkeh? The other worlds (Read: Your worlds) are on pause mode, yes. Have you seen those movies in which the lead only moves and people around them are freezed?
(Or frozen? Whateverrr. I like 'Freezed' betta!)
Yea so, That. x)

< Dramamode >

“Tell me one last thing,” said Pavi. “Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?”

*Drumrolls, Deco change, exit - sweeping ghosts*


“Of course it is happening inside your head, Pavi, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” 

< /Dramamode >


(Oh btw, that laugh reminds me... Y'day I read this girls awesome status on facebook which says -

 'Hick Hick! dnt wnt to go hostel again!! :( '

 Wtf is Hick Hick? o.O lol)

My Dad used to always ask me to concentrate, but I was a kidmadwomun back then, tch!
Ok ok no deviation. 
The point is, imma analyze you now. More like 
'Bitch wtf are you upto let me just scan you inside out'. 
And the reason being - Confusion - Yusss. 

All of you are awesome (Read - AWESOME!) at confusing me to the core of Teh Core. 
The way you react, is NOT normal x|

I dunno what izzit that you want
I dunno what!

So imma study, imma find out, yo nigga! Yoyoyoyoyoyyoyo *cool shades on* lol. jk.

All I'm trying to imply here is, I. LOUUU. SIMPLICITY. Gimmethat!

When I say 'Haaai!', you HiBack.
When I say 'Sup!', you TellMeSup!.
When I ask sth, you TellMeEverythingInASimpleUnderstandableLanguage
When I offer help, you JustAgree, save me the modesty.
When I don't talk, you ForFuck'sSakeDONOTTALK!
When I buy you a drink, you BuyMeTwoDrinks! jk =P 




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