September 19, 2011


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You feel this sudden urge of meeting your family, and there is nothing on earth, venus, mars, Jupiter that can help you fight this feeling. That. 


Saturday evening, I go nuts. My brainnoodles dried and tangled with no soup left in them starts stinking.
That's exactly when I realize I need to refuel from home station. So what I do is, RUN.
It takes a *verylucky* mode of Pavi to get a bus without any trass. I veryhappily board the bus. 
But our DearGod never wants Pavi to experience anything boring in her life. Every moment is supposed to be full of #fail cuz only then, she will realize that how important it is to say bye bye to her dragon ass and mix a li'l adventure in her boringassboring life. 

So he did.

A 9 (11 at max!) hour journey was completed in 2_|_8 hours! To my family, my surprise hit as a shock. I made an already mad mom, madder. Do you understand the seriousness of it?
But, well. I admit it was (only a little) stupid of me to just come home without any prior bookings and all that. Anything could have happened cuz people in the bus were shadylike. The point is, I made it home. x)
And since I'm a very goodchild I bought my Mommy a present ^_^ which happens to be a Bournville. C'mon, a chocolate was all I could afford with the amount of chillar I had. Don't judge me. My Mom didn't =]

On a serious note, it feels great, you know
When you want to do something and that's the only thing you want at that time
You know it, not even deep down, you know it then only, how stupid it is!
But not matter what ... how crazy it seems, you do it. Leaving no room for regression. 
And that feeling ... 
*this* feeling 
is priceless :)

We all have hugeass problems in our lives, but these tiny little easily-achievable moments can provide us respite from our bitchylife very effectively.
Only because I came home the way I did, I'm not happy, but I feel great. Awesome.

Btw, I just realized how lame was the title of my last post -_-


Arjit Srivastava said...

You survived. You reached there. You met them. You are good, now. Kickass, eh?

Surabhi said...

Whatever it takes to reach,the feeling is always priceless. Title justified! :)

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