May 15, 2009

I wouldn't let you give up.

It was nearing midnight. There was a novel in my hand which was slipping through my brain without leaving the slightest trace of meaning behind. No, It doesn't mean that i don't have brains to understand the tough language of a novel :).

The problem was something else. I was worried. I stood up and decided to go out. Now I was walking through the patches of light & deep darkness created by the streetlights, Thinking 'Why am I so worried? What's taking my mind off everything?'

Then suddenly, my heart responded. He explained me that how 'he' (The Heart) starts working when mind becomes speechless.Then he reminded me about this -

Whenever a drop of tear tries to roll down my cheeks, A hand with feathery touch (Invisible, though that makes no difference) comes and wipes it off.

Whenever my lips fear stretching themselves a voice, Very familier tends to become the reason for my smile. :) And ..

Whenever I'm sad, someone encourages me to overcome my sadness.

And today 'He' -The Someone- is sad ... No more explanation needed. My heart made me realize that why I was sad and worried.

But what do I do? When my 'healer' himself loses all his hopes and gives up? And feels depressed to the core?

Answer- What I do, Is a desire. A secret desire to heal my healer's wounds. I promise (Not to him, But to myself) to put in all my strength and everything else that it takes for you my friend to smile :)

And believe me, Whenever all your connections and sources stop responding to your 'Help calls' I'd be standing there to pull you out of darkness. You wouldn't even need to seek cos I'd be there, awaiting, with my hand raised towards you. Not to point, But to lend it for help.


palash said...

Pallavi, excellent written. I don't usually read stuffs but this one is great!
* Reading it again and again * :)

Λκ*- ♥yEW aRe mynE,n uM yEwrZ!♥ said...

Very well framed! :"> I loved it!

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