May 05, 2009

Somewhere Midway

A spring that was lost in autumn,
A cloud that lost its silver lining.
A sun that lost its warmth and glow,
A star that’s no more shining.

A valley once serene, now lost
beneath layers of rock and sand.
A harp given up by an angel,
Being played in the devil’s hands.

There is still the monsoon there always was.
Now Intimidating to her. Fear, when with him, was unknown.
There are still all the seasons there always were,
They all seem like winter - an everlasting coldness - now that she’s alone.

A rainbow of seven colors,
Painted a dark shade of Grey.
A little girl who set out
with one she trusted.
He loved her, he’d always say.

And he let go of her hand
Somewhere midway.


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