May 05, 2009

The Knight

On My bed, near the window I lay,

Watching my dreams lightly carried away.

Delicate, glittering mirror strings

Were making moonlight dance.

Scene bought a curve on my lips

And I lifted my arms.

Pulled off my sheets, wrapped a stole


Walked to the window

Night was as dark as coal

I opened my fist and curled my fingers around the curtain


I slightly moved it, I was a bit scared and it was certain.

But I didn’t see anything

Instead of dark it was bright

There was a big tree and

Under it shadow of a knight.

Then I figured out a glowing string

Connecting his heart to mine

Neither the moon nor the stars

This was the source of dancing light.

He came up holding the string;

In my room through the window

My lips pursed,

Thinking what do I do?

He said: ‘I was the one who carried your dreams; I wanted to make them come true’

And then he whispered in my ears: ‘Baby I wanted to show, how much I love you’

My eyes wide open shocked and surprised.

Felt something so warm!

Ah! It’s tough to describe.

He lifted me in his arms and turned me around

Said: ‘sweetheart for you there ain’t no bounds’

‘No bounds? Oh! Sure,’ I said.

‘But there are bonds of love

Bonds so strong,

Which unknowingly are grown?’

We both smiled, I closed my eyes.

Knight turned romantic, such a master of disguise

He hold me tight, wrapped me in his arms

So close that our heart beats mixed

We made millions of unspoken promises

And with all our love, we kissed.

On my bed near the window WE lay

Watching OUR dreams coming true which were carried away?




palash said...


Anupama said...
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AA said...

We're TOO similar. :O

And the poems are really good! :)

Pallavi said...

Thanks a lot :) Yes, I feel the same.We are similar. :)

Shakti said...

hey this one is really gr8 actually it sounds too good n so i love it!!

bless you with more poems like this

Anonymous said...

PUblish dem

Prateek Mathur said...

like ! :-)

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