May 05, 2009

My life isn't easy, From the day you went.

(This poem is very close to my heart.I wrote it as it came out of my mind.So, Please don't mind the Ryhme scheme.I didn't want to change my sentences so wrote them as they were.)

Life isn’t easy, from the day you went.

Now I live alone in our home.                                                                   

No flowers on the door, No calls on the phone.

On a broken bridge, I stand alone

No long drive, No late nights.

Without you I’m a soul, whose life has dried.

I wish to come there too.

I wish I were with you.

Last night I cried, broke the promise

I made to you.

No jaan, I’m not weak, I don’t usually faint.

It’s just that

my life isn’t easy, from the day you went.

You asked me not to, but I still visit your grave

There isn’t anything I listen to, just the music you gave.

And I don’t eat chocolates; No one buys them for me.

No, I don’t have mates. They too went after you left me.

I still talk to you. But you never answer me.

And this reminds me of the game on phone

You played always to scare me.

I don’t keep our home tidy anymore

‘Cos no one admires it,& I feel so left alone.

I don’t wear the dresses I used to love the most

And when fake-sters show sympathy

I tell them to get lost

I spend my days with your memories

And I cry whole night cursing our destiny

Only one way out I see of this hell

I will come to you, and then together we’d dwell.

Would go to the forgotten world

Exactly, the one we use to dream about.

No, Don't speak! Don’t ask me to stay.

You don’t understand.

My life isn’t easy from the day you went

From the day you went …



palash said...


L.A.H.S said...
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Pallavi said...

Thanks Palash :)

Sourabh said...

thik thak hai:p


Suyog said...

very emotional .....the one u are missing inthe poem is really lucky :)

keep writing


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